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10 quick and easy tips to improve your sales performance 
Leave a short voice mail when cold calling – even if they don’t return the call it will warm up your prospect for the follow up call – be clear and concise – don’t make them play the message twice to hear it correctly. 
Establish your credibility when speaking or meeting with a prospect for the first time – the prospect needs to know that they are in safe hands if they decide to work with your company. 
Qualify prospects before investing too much time – there’s no point driving halfway across the country to meet someone who doesn’t have a need or budget for your services. 
Prepare thoroughly for sales meetings – the more you know prior to meeting with the prospect, the more productive it will be and the more credibility you will have. 
Use your first meetings for conversation not presentation – save the PowerPoint for when you have identified their requirements and are proposing a solution. 
Follow up meetings and proposals with a telephone call within an agreed timescale (ideally within 24-48 hrs). Never wait for the prospect to get back to you. 
Focus on the customer’s need first. Proposals should not start with your company information – start with the need, provide a solution and finally the evidence to show your credibility. 
Do what you say you will do, if you tell a prospect that you will send them a proposal by the end of the week, make sure you do. 
Negotiate strategically - only concede what you can afford and ensure you always get something in return. 
Act like you don’t need the work – prospects can smell desperation and only want to work with successful businesses. 
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