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Treat the Problem, Not the Symptoms 
Spending time diagnosing the real problem is the key to creating sales training that produces lasting results. 
If you go to the doctor complaining of headaches, the doctor could treat the symptom by prescribing a painkiller. However, this may only mask the cause of the pain which could be something far more serious. A good sales trainer, like a good doctor, will take time to diagnose the underlying problem rather than rushing in with a quick fix. 
In sales, the symptom might be that the team are struggling to overcome objections and are therefore failing to close deals. At first glance it might appear that the remedy for this is a sales training course on objection handling. However, the underlying problem may not be related to objection handling at all, it could be that the sales team need training on how to uncover a compelling event, for example. 
At Simon White Business Development Ltd, we are proud to say that our methodology is different to most sales training companies. We don’t sell “off the shelf” sales training courses, rather we will spend time with the client to understand their business, products, audience and sales processes in order to identify the real sales issues and prioritise a sales training programme that will deliver lasting sales improvement. 
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